SynCommerce makes it possible to set up your shipping as calculated shipping when publishing your listings to eBay. 

In the process of creating a listing, you are required to provide a shipping template, you can then set up that shipping template as calculate shipping. 

STEP 1: When creating a shipping template, select the "Calculated" option for the shipping type field. This will automatically present you with the required and optional fields for creating a calculated shipping.

STEP 2: Provide the information requested for in the form needed for creating a calculated shipping. These include;

  • Shipping Package: Select a package type that matches the listing you are creating. The options include;
    • Letter
    • Large Envelope
    • Package (Large envelope)
    • Large Package
  • Maximum Dispatch Days: This refers to how many days it will take you to actually ship the item after payment has been received. 
  • Irregular Shipping: This field is to let you indicate whether you are shipping an irregular-shaped package, or a package containing liquid. Read more on irregular package sizes
  • Originating Postal Code: The postal code for the country where you will ship the item from. 
  • Package Handling Cost: How much is required to handle and or pack the item to be shipped. You will also be required to provide the international handling cost if you will be shipping internationally.
  • Minimum and Maximum Weight: Provide the range of weight for the package, entering the minimum and the maximum weight.
STEP 3: Add a shipping option. Click on the "Add shipping option" button to add a shipping option.
This will present you with the following fields to fill, click the "Save shipping option" button to save the option after providing the information.
  • Shipping Service: Choose from the available options the shipping service you want to use based on which the shipping costs will be calculated automatically. You can choose multiple shipping services, and at the point of purchase, the buyer can select which of them he/she wants to use. 
  • Expedited Service: Indicate whether this option should be treated as an expedited shipping or not.
  • International Shipping: Indicate whether the shipping option should apply to international shipping or not. 
Once you have finished providing all the required information and have added the shipping options, click the "Save template" button to save your shipping template.
Contact support at for any further assistance.