Listing presets are very useful for creating new listings on SynCommerce, and they make it super easy. You can save the required information to make a listing compatible for a particular channel in listing presets. This listing preset (having all the required information) can then be applied to subsequent listings to that particular channel to easily make them compatible and successfully published without having to provide the information all over again.

How do I create a listing preset?

Listing presets can be created when using the bulk build feature. 


Click the "Bulk build" button from the page where you are to provide the required information to make selected listings compatible.


After providing all the required information, click the "Apply and Create preset" button on the bulk build page.


In the alert that pops up, provide the name you want to give to your listing preset, then click "Ok" to create your preset.


How do I apply listing preset to subsequent listings?

Listing presets can be applied to both bulk listings and individual listings.


Either you are editing a bulk listing or an individual listing, click on the "Use an existing preset" button.


This will present you with a list of all the existing listing presets you have. Select the one you want to use. This will assign all the required information already in the preset to the fields requested for.


After selecting the preset, you will have three options to apply the preset to the selected listings. (Note you can go ahead and make changes to the assigned information from the preset)

  • Apply - This applies the information to the selected listings without saving it as a preset or updating an already existing one.
  • Apply and Create preset - This gives you the option to create a new listing preset and applies the provided information to the selected listings.
  • Apply and Update preset - This updates the preset you selected with any new information you added, and goes ahead to apply that information to the selected listings.
That's all with listing presets.
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